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  • Description:   25Bahman1389 EL Papa (The Pope البابا) Father Gaddafi The Founding Father of Islamic Iran Revolution كلمة أميرالمؤمنين الخليفه الامام آية الله القذافي الأب للثورة والد الثورة الإسلامية في إيران Zenga Zenga Girl!!! (The one from the original video)أغنية القذافي زنجا زنجا Libya's Gaddafi: "My people love me Cuz I am So Lovely" القذافي في ليبيا : "الناس يحبون شخصيتي كوز انا جميلة جدا" Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi has claimed that his people love him despite a popular uprising calling for his ouster. القذافي في ليبيا : "الناس يحبون شخصيتي كوز انا جميلة جدا" Talking to western journalists for the first time since the unrest began, he laughed when he was asked if he will leave Libya. "Why would I leave Libya?," he said. "They love me. All my people are with me. They will die to protect me." He went on to claim there were no demonstrations being held against him. Gaddafi: I am the Revolution Leader, I fight and Die Here in Libya, I won't Leave Gaddafi: Libya will lead the world The Libyan, the arabs and the Muslims are all with me, because I fought and stood against US and England Gaddafi calls Libyan are addict and sick, who protest against me. Gadhafi: I am Libya, those who protest, are Rats Speech of Gaddafi Anybody who Protest Shall be Executed القذافي Libya immersed in chaos; U.N. Security Council calls emergency meeting Moammar Kadafi will address the nation later today, according to Libyan state TV. Witnesses and diplomats say Kadafi's regime is using helicopter gunships, warplanes and mercenaries who shoot at any 'moving human being.' --- Defiant Gaddafi refuses to quit amid Libya protests Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has refused to stand down amid widespread anti-government protests which he said had tarnished the image of the country. In his first major speech since unrest began last week, Col Gaddafi said the whole world looked up to Libya and that protests were "serving the devil". Reading from the country's constitution, he said enemies of Libya would be execute...
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