Now Playing: US desperate for talks with Taliban. No solid evidence of Bin Laden death
  • Description:   The World is at confusion whether Bin Laden is dead or died 10 years ago. People lost trust with USA Conspiracy theories and Media Propaganda. Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US are trying to implement a strategy to win over Afghan Talibans before a gradual drawdown of NATO troops from Afghanistan in July of this year. Observers say, in a change of strategy, the US is ready to hold talks with Afghan militants in a bid to bring peace to the country. One area of conflict between the two countries is that, the US wants Pakistan to accept the geo-strategic role of archrival India in Afghanistan ---- something Islamabad is not ready to concede given the baggage of hostility of three wars it had with New Delhi since 1948. However, the controversy over the reported death of Al-Qaeda's top leader Osama Bin Laden in a US led military operation ---some 100 kilometers north of Islamabad---was the dominant discussion between Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani and the visiting US special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan Marce Grossman. The press conference on trilateral meeting was overshadowed by pertinent questions as to why the US is not willing to make public the evidence of footage of a dead Osama bin Laden. However both Islamabad and Washington were not willing to address queries which people here have started asking about this controversial operation. Analysts however say one thing is clear; The US and Pakistani governments seem to be on the same page regarding Bin Laden's death ...
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