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  • Description:   الموطنون يجهزن الماء لرش الثوار ضهر الإثنين 2 5 إب activism advertising alternative-news ancient-history animation anime architecture arts astronomy celebrities comedy crime environment guns hacking health history liberal-politics liberties linguistics news online politics relationships religion art celebrity charity children change college community death debate elections facebook finance food football funny life living love marriage money obama pirates president social-networking society television youtube love arts bank business country free kids london management media meeting western women women Lynn Pascoe beauty Binomar toad the wet sprocket RT Euronews aljazeera Jazeera Reuters human rights women's rights NATO United Nations capital Sanaa Yemen protests Yemen killed Sanaa protests unrest violence SYRIA IRAQ JORDAN BAHRAIN Afghanistan AFP America Army Cairo Dubai Jerusalem Egypt Gaza Strip Government hamas hezbollah Iran Iraq Israel Jerusalem Lebanon Middle East Mubarak Obama Pakistan peace police president Saudi Arabia Security Source Syria Tehran US UAE United Arab Emirates United States UPDATE War Washington China Libyan political crisis European Union North Korea Wikileaks football Pakistan economy Israeli-Palestinian conflict earthquake Japan South Korea Security forces Female Protesters clashes Middle East government civilians protest opposition reform Yemen marcha rabic news protesters Fire forcesdemonstrationsAnti-Government POLITICS CIVIL UNREST Ali ... Latest Leaks
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