Now Playing: conspiracy? 9-11 Art - Surrealism - "Pay No Attention To The Red Fox..." Exploring a cityscape.
  • Description:   conspiracy? This work of art is a tribute in memory of the magnificent Twin Towers and those who were needlessly sacrificed on September 11, 2001. For a long time I, like many other New Yorkers, believed the official story of what happened that day. But somehow, deep down inside the story didn't seem to all add up. Recently facts have surfaced that seem to blow holes in the story we have been lead to believe. I feel that we as New Yorkers specifically have been lied to, and Americans as a whole have been deceived. The title is a reference to what we as New Yorkers have been told to do with the evidence that does not line up with the "official story" ...Pay no attention to the exploding buildings, the molten lava, the pulverized cement core, etc... I am not a conspiracy theorist, and at the same time I cannot overlook the "Red Fox" (In other words, the obvious!). Thanks for watching. Museum and Gallery prints are available at
  • Tags:   Education  911  September  11th  2001  art  painting  twin  towers  Added:  03-05-11  Views:  (563)

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