Now Playing: Imagine Obama killed Osama - Finally world peace? We're afraid not... dead and buried?
  • Description:   dead and buried? Obama: "The United States are able to do anything they want" Obama: "With thanks to who we are, one united nation" Obama: "May goD bless the uniteD stateS" Watch the responds floating over the screen second by second, shouting about the great power of the us, shouting about hate against the islam, shouting about hate against christians, shouting about hate against america, shouting about hate against eachother, shouting about jealousy, shouting about hate against black and white, shouting about violence in the name of god, shouting about war, weapons, everyone shouting in every possible direction against eachother... Obama: "The United States are able to do anything they want" (without taking responsibilities) Obama: "With thanks to who we are, one united nation" (it doesn't look like) Obama: "May goD bless the uniteD stateS" (I'm afraid he won't) And I say; listen to this music..... and realise that at RIGHT THIS moment "the world will live as one" is further away from us than probably ever before.... So I say; you people don't want peace....... So: Peace is over if you want it..... And I'm afraid you don't want peace.... I can cry about this...... This is really, really sad... It has nothing to do with killing Osama Bin Laden... It's just the US who wants to show the world how powerful they are, every word Obama speaks just says nothing but that... We want power... We want war... And we take "god" as our alibi... Osama Bin Laden did about the same... IS THERE ANY ...
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