Now Playing: Only Fools And Horses - Christmas Special 1996 Episode 1 - Heroes And Villians - Part 1
  • Description:   Heroes and Villains - Part 1 Transmitted: 25.12.1996 Duration: 60 minutes Viewing Figures: 21.3 million Rodney's fertility schedule is wearing him down. Such is Cassandra's need to have a baby, he buys her a rabbit, Roger, to care for until a little one arrives. Del has a shipment of Latvian alarm clocks he can't shift and his home improvement grant has been rejected. Del receives his medalIt's Rodders' birthday, and Del buys him a cheap gold bracelet inscribed 'Rooney'. Finding themselves on a rare boys night out, they dress up as Batman and Robin for a fancy dress party held for a local publican. En route, they prevent Councillor Murray from being mugged. They arrive at the party, to discover it's actually a wake, and that 'fancy dress' meant 'dress well'. The following day Del is awarded a bravery medal for tackling another mugger, and Cassandra has good news: She's pregnant.
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