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  • Description:   Contrasting Donald Trump's interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network and his classy speech he just gave on April 28th in Las Vegas where he threw around blatant profanity like I've never seen a "presidential candidate" do in my life. He has the nerve to say America is viewed as a joke? Gee golly Donald! I wonder why! If you have any intention of voting for this man, YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON. In this speech his main talking points were: -- Insisting that we levy a 25% tax on all imported goods from China. Insists that this will force them to "stop manipulating their currency" and further Insists that if they want to do business with us, they will bring their factories here. -- Baselessly asserts that economic imbalances in the global monetary systems are directly to blame on China and their "currency manipulation" (all the while pretending that America did not just print TRILLIONS of dollars out of thin air). -- Claimed Obama has publicly bad-mouthed Las Vegas and discouraged tourism (Apparently referring to Obama's budget analogy about, "an American trying to save to go to college shouldn't go blow their money in Las Vegas") -- That Iran is "100%—not 99%—100% certain to take over Iraq" if we leave. He insists we should stay in Iraq perminantly. He also alluded that Iran and Al Qaeda are either one in the same or work hand in hand. He further insists that Iran will eventually attack Saudi Arabia and if they want our help, they should be forced to pay us. -- He ...
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