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  • Description:   Lovely Hellooo (: So I just wanted to say a couple of quick things. First of all for the people who actually noticed, I've been on a break for 3 months. That was basically for privet reasons but another big thing was that I was sick of YouTube messing up my videos. For example they get darker/wash me out, make my voice sound deeper and sometimes it doesn't even sound like I am singing. But I really missed all the lovely people on here and when I saw that people were still subscribing so I decided to come back (: I've missed a lot of you and I think you know who you are! Hopefully this video isn't too crappy and I know I mess up some words but yea I didn't die. Please comment IF you have anything nice to say. And subscribe! xxxx
  • Tags:   lovely  Howto  me  singing  pack  up  by  eliza  doolittle  Added:  22-03-11  Views:  (367)

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