Now Playing: Japan Update ANC Presents: The Nation Up Close Episode 6 3/5
  • Description:   Japan update One crisis after another. Filipino workers cope with the triple whammy in Japan - A powerful earthquake, a devastating tsunami, and a deepening nuclear catastrophe. In Bahrain, Filipinos are caught in the crossfire again. How is government responding to their appeals for help? Does it still have the resources to deal with disaster on multiple fronts? Meanwhile, advocates of nuclear power in the Philippines suspend their campaign... As Japan's nuclear crisis goes from bad to worse. Should the Philippines abandon nuclear energy... Or can we learn lessons from fukushima? Guests: Usec. Rafael Seguis, Foreign Affairs Mark Cojuangco, Former Pangasinan Rep./Nuclear Power Advocate Dr. Giovanni Tapang, Associate Prof., National Institute of Physics/Convenor, No to the BNPP Revival Froilan Tampinco, President, NAPOCOR March 17, 2011 Hosts: Tony Velasquez Lynda JumillaExecutive Producer: Ayee Macaraig Associate Producer: Patrick King Pascual Segment Producer: Biena Magbitang Director: Rommel Pedrealba Coordinator: Koreena Tulio Producer's Assitant: Mike Caballero Graphics: RP Jaleco Editors: Ernesto Aniano Jetjet Capiz
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