Now Playing: Gaddafi Lies - UN No-Fly Zone Boosts Morale Of Rebel Forces
  • Description:   Liar Gaddafi Rebel forces in Benghazi celebrate the UN backed no-fly zone over Libya as an indication that it is close to game over for Gaddafi. The announcement has boosted moral amongst opposition fighters after days of military setbacks. This rebel fighter is hopes the coalition bombardments begin soon: "We are anxious to wait for France to hit all the battalions of the Gadhafi forces. As for us we are just waiting for our orders to move forward." Prior to Gaddafi's ceasefire announcement pro-government forces shelled the coastal city of Misrata, killing at least twenty-five and injuring scores more. A alleged rocket attack has been reported in the town of Zintan and state media claim Gaddafi has recaptured the oil terminal of Zueitinia. There are claims that battles are continuing in the city of Ajdabiya. Today's attacks follow air strikes against the airport in Benghazi. Those opposed to Gaddafi claim as many as 1000 people have died since the unrest began. The Government puts the number of dead at 150. Copyright © 2011 euronews
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