Now Playing: Disaster - Japan nuclear crisis may damage US image
  • Description:   Japan Meltdown Japan's handling of the nuclear crisis appears to be failing while atomic experts point out that the Fukushima reactors were designed by America's General Electric Company and there are some built-in flaws. But if a deeper look into Japanese law is taken it would turn out that General Electric would not be liable for the accident or damage at Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant. And this creephole would potentially save them tens of billions of dollars were they sued for the Fukushima disaster. So they are probably breathing a sigh of relief right now. Almost undoubtedly, the scapegoat of the disaster will be the operator of Fukushima nuclear power plant TEPCO, the Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc, which has already lost US$24 billion (57 per cent) of its worth in just three days -- and all this against the background of being the power generating company with the world's biggest debt obligations, of $88 billion. Experts like Walt Patterson, Senior Research Fellow in the Energy and Environmental Programme, who told RT that nearly 40 years ago he wrote an article "describing an intense controversy in the US about the performance of the so-called "emergency cooling systems on water-cooled reactors," are now openly saying that there were some flaws in the General Electric-designed reactors. TEPCO and the Japanese government will probably nevertheless try to sue the General Electric Company. But it remains to be seen as investigation into the catastrophe is yet to be conducted ...
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