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  • Description:   BENJAMIN NETANYAHU Half-a-million protesters have gathered in central Cairo for the seventh day, calling for a general strike and demanding President Hosni Mubarak to step down. the crowed gathered in Tahrir Square and several other key locations despite heavy military presence in Cairo. Protesters have also called for a general strike on Monday. While President Mubarak has promised economic and political reforms, protesters remain defiant and say they will not give up until Mubarak steps down. At least 150 people have lost their lives and thousands more have sustained injuries over the past week. Million-Man March Several Egyptian political groups and peace activists have called for a million-man march in Cairo as President Mubarak refuses to step down from power. The rally planned for Tuesday will mark a week since the start of the biggest anti-government protests in Egypt. Western countries urged to stop supporting Mubarak The Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the United Nations and Western countries for failing to take action against the government crackdown on protesters and the killing of civilians. The United States has called for political reform in Egypt. US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both demanded an orderly transition to a more politically open Egypt. They have, however, stopped short of urging their long-time ally, Mubarak, to heed calls by protesters to resign. The United States has also rejected reports of cutting aid to Mubarak's regime ...
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