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  • Description:   BENJAMIN NETANYAHU Come and save me Izzy Words: light on. H ---------------------------------- Achsgiuzalim leave the nest they want to stay in touch This chick is not expecting a whole to see where an eagle Take him to the break on a bridge Between sanity and solitude and the rest My health situation right, they say Inside I'm dying but that they do not see Anela fault you sent me Maybe that Shachachtam me Now I turn to you my God This script you wrote for my life? No twist in the plot without heroes, without love At least tell if there's a happy ending In the meantime, some bored crowd leaving the hall Darkness TomTom me fall asleep and Anela Counting days as a prisoner With lines already run out of place on the wall ... Chorus: Come and save me Want to have to go from here Come and save me Why does it take you too long No price for freedom have already said it before me The price of my freedom, how come it is too expensive? Here without anyone with me I do not star in reality show Anela want Tamilion or first place It's not worth all the time lost The Israel National Trail with jerry can Or a trip to South America after the military Restaurants reasons Maccabi's games all those Inle here Do not want a minute of silence in my name Do not want to be the national hero Let me just go back home and look in the mirror And remember who I am again "I Gilad Shalit, Noam and Aviva Hadas and Yoel's brother Who lives in Mitzpe Hila My ID is three thousand nine hundred seventy twenty-nine Today is ...
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